Third Party Due Diligence

Fully Automated Third Party Due Diligence

Minimize Your Team's Anti Bribery & Corruption Risks with CompliCheck

Monitor Third Party & Distributor Due Diligence All in One Place

Third party due diligence inefficiencies and vendor risk management pitfalls lower your bottom line and raise regulatory red flags. Minimizing your organization’s exposure to bribery and corruption risks is essential for its continued success. Our robust CompliCheck software lets you more efficiently and accurately monitor domestic and OUS contracted vendors, distributors and other third party entities doing business on your behalf. With Complicheck’s fully automated workflow you can build risk-based vendor assessments, generate annual reminders, or email distributors about transparency requirements, the AdvaMed Code of Ethics or other relevant topics.

CompliCheck places these tools at your fingertips:

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Anti Corruption
Due Diligence
UK Anti Bribery Act

How It Works

Vendor Contract Management

Start by entering your third party sales and marketing intermediary (SMI) information into CompliCheck.

Automated Emails

The SMI will then receive a personalized email with instructions and a link to a customized due diligence questionnaire.

Due Diligence Questionnaires

An authorized official at the SMI will complete, certify and submit the questionnaire for your review.

Risk Assessment

Upon receipt, the questionnaire will automatically be stored in your CompliCheck website’s data base for review and reporting purposes.

Seamless Data Integration Ensures Risk Assessment Efficiency

CompliCheck’s robust software automatically screens and continuously monitors your third party risks against the world’s largest intelligence data base, 500+ regulatory lists, 200,000 unique media publications, 1.5 million politically exposed persons (PEPs), and over eight million adverse media profiles.

CompliCheck elevates risk assessment efficiency by precisely and continuously screening onboarded third party entities against these risk data bases. Once captured data is analyzed by our precision software a vendor risk rating is generated, alerting you about any new issues that may warrant further investigation by your compliance team.

To simplify your efforts, our seamless data integration feature lets you review transparency international corruption perception index (CPI) scores right on your customized website. Once received, that CPI data can then be used to accurately perform a full, risk-based due diligence vendor assessment that helps keep your organization regulatory compliant.

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Third Party Due Diligence Solutions that Mitigate ABAC Risk

In order to minimize ABAC risks your organization needs to provide strict oversight of all contracted third party entities that conduct business on your behalf. MedCompli can provide you with valuable assistance for policies, procedures, due diligence questionnaires and risk profile assessments. Our reliable due diligence solutions also simplify the process of communicating with and obtaining an annual compliance attestation- an important element for mitigating anti-corruption risk.

With CompliCheck, you can easily craft a custom email directing your distributors to the attestation. For your added convenience and peace of mind, MedCompli automatically tracks completion statistics and compiles documentation in the event of an audit. Use our software solutions to generate reminder emails and reports that streamline third party follow-up.