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Policy, Procedure, Work Instruction and Document Management

Enhance Agility and Efficiency in Managing Policies for Better Governance. Create and Manage Your Organizational Policies Easily and Effectively

MedCompli’s Policy Vault, built on the MedCompli Compliance Platform, streamlines and simplifies the creation and communication of compliance policies. The product software cuts across enterprise siloes, integrating policies and documents into a centralized policy portal. It streamlines time-consuming policy and document workflows, enabling you to better manage policy communication, attestations, and exceptions—ultimately improving consistency and efficiency. We bring policies to where you are—engaging the first line and increasing policy awareness.​

Let the MedCompli Policy and Document Tracker simplify and automate many of the tasks associated with creating, managing and disseminating compliance policies throughout your organization. Policy and Document Management Simplified.



Work Instructions

Control Documents

Features & Benefits

Reduce Risk, Track Revisions and Assign Policies to Employees for Acknowledgement / Attestation.

The Med Compli Policy Tracker provides audit ready documentation showing revision date, approvals and employee attestation.

Ensure timely review and updates of policies with automated reminder emails.

Business rules ensure that the right employees in the right departments are assigned the most relevant policies to effectively reduce risk and minimize the administration burden associated with reviewing policies or procedures.

Centralized Policy Portal for Quick and Easy Access

Access your organization’s latest policies on the product’s centralized policy portal, designed with a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface. View a snapshot of each policy, bookmark policies, and browse those that are most frequently accessed or have recently been published.

Collaborative Policy Creation to Improve Time Management

Upload policies directly from your system, modify existing policies, or create policies from scratch in collaboration with relevant stakeholders. With DocuSign integration, work simultaneously - view and edit the same policy at the same time, for faster, more effective results.

Policy-Mapping to Regulations to Stay Primed, Always

Map policies to regulations, risks, controls, requirements, and processes. Link specific sections of policies to applicable regulations and compliance requirements. Trigger automated email notifications and alerts to relevant users indicating changes in policies.

A Systematic Approach for Policy Communication

Once the policy reviews are completed, communicate the policy to all relevant users through email notifications. Categorize users by roles and allow them to access and read the policy based on their assigned privileges.

Better Configured Policy Attestation Processes

Facilitate policy attestations based on a chosen user or user group. View tasks for attestation on the policy portal. Enable attestations only after each employee scrolls through the entire policy document.

Simplified Policy Exceptions Request Process

Request exceptions for policies right from the policy portal. Specify the reason for exception and the duration for which the exception is required. Configure workflows to manage exceptions and track the status of exceptions.

Comprehensive View of Policies with Reports and Dynamic Dashboards

Leverage powerful reports and graphical dashboards for real-time visibility into the policy management program. Drill down to view statistics and data on policies by type, status, audit history, in-process documents, links to compliance, and associated risks and controls.

Sample Flow – New Policy

New Policy Created in Response to New Regulation

Upload Policy to MedCompli Policy Tracker

Create a Task & Assign Policy to Relevant Employees for Attestation

Attestation 100 % Complete. Assign Review Date to Automate Reminder

Policy Management

Create, distribute and manage organizational policies, track employee attestations, and know which version of a policy was in effect at any given time.

  • MedCompli can provide assistance with the development of written policies, procedures, protocols and standards that verbalize your organizations commitment to ethical behavior.
  • These policies provide guidance to the organization and employees as they conduct the day to day business activities.
  • This includes an organizational Code of Conduct which serves as a higher level document identifying the vision, values and strong commitment to ethical behavior in ALL business activities.